Finding the best Dog walking Toronto services

Posted on: 24 February, 2016

Author: vikram kumar

In many ways dogs are just like children, they need love, attention and tons of care. Just like humans our little fur babies need exercise and physical training to remain healthy and fit However some pet parents have busy lifestyles and work schedules that they don’t have the time or energy to take their dogs out for a walk every day. Thankfully a relatively new business has developed and now they have the option of hiring a professional dog walker. The only difficult thing is choosing the right one- which dog walker is going to be best for my dog?  ...

Facts about Dog Anal Glands

Posted on: 20 February, 2016

Author: Holly Hugo

When one dog sniffs another’s butt, they pick up the scent from dog anal glands. Whilst anal glands (or sacs) are of great interest to other dogs, they can be problematic for many owners. To learn more about the importance of dog anal glands –for better or for worse – read on. Dogs have two anal glands, one either side of their anus at the twenty-past-eight position on a clock face. Each sac is roughly grape-sized and holds about a third of teaspoon’s worth of fluid. When the dog defecates he squeezes a small amount of secretion from the anal...

How to turn dog walking into a successful business?

Posted on: 20 February, 2016

Author: vikram kumar

If you love animals, nothing else would be as fulfilling as having a career working with them. There are many people who own dogs but do not have the time needed to give to their dogs As a result, the dogs spend most of the time at their homes, bored, under-stimulated without exercise. This is where dog walking comes into play. It is not a difficult job but a fun one. People who do not have the time for their pets or work long hours are always on the lookout for caregivers who can take their dog out and help...

Why should you opt for a dog daycare for your furry partner?

Posted on: 18 February, 2016

Author: vikram kumar

Dogs really are a man’s best friend. This is a popular saying and rightfully so- they really are and it is such a privilege and so rewarding to own a dog. However, owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility and you may run into some problems Owning man’s best friend means that you take care of them all of the time- they rely on you for everything. Your dog is entirely dependent on you, which means you cannot be careless or irresponsible. However, in this day and age we all lead busy lifestyles. Most of us have to...

Cross breed pups for sale

Posted on: 07 February, 2016

Author: Johny Danes

If you are looking for Cavalier King Charles pups for sale , you will make a great choice for your family. If you are interested in cross breed pups for sale as well, you should take the time to visit the site named before so you can check out some of the options you can make the most of. Adding a new member to the family is not always easy. There are quite a few things you must consider and you have to take the time so you can be sure about your choice. If you already have kids and...

Vacation for your dogs in daycare Toronto

Posted on: 04 February, 2016

Author: vikram kumar

We all have that great canine buddy who loves you irrevocably for what you are. Your little bundle of joy requires some special care and rewards for their good behavior. And special emphasis should be put on their diet and exercise -which improves the lifespan and overall health and wellbeing of your friend However we all face the difficult question and task of finding a good reliable babysitter who we trust to take care of our dogs when we go on vacation. Give your woes a rest because numerous high-end establishments are providing their dog sitting services for your pets...

Dog walking and dog boarding services in Toronto

Posted on: 04 February, 2016

Author: vikram kumar

Toronto is a busy city! There are always people everywhere, construction going on, buildings going up- there isn’t exactly a lot of free space. The problem of a lack of adequate space is not only felt by humans residing within the heart of Toronto but also by some of their canine companions There isn’t exactly an abundance of empty fields or forests for dogs to run around in- unfortunately they suffer the worse in this scenario. Busy lives play a role in making it increasingly difficult and time consuming to walk ones dog in the neighbourhood. There is however great...

Amazing facts about dog boarding kennels

Posted on: 01 February, 2016

Author: vikram kumar

There are times when you feel like traveling all around the globe or going somewhere alone but what do you do when you also have to carry the baggage of worrying about your dog that you have left behind? It might ruin your vacation or prevent you from going on one with the thought of leaving your dog alone-if only you had thought of calling a reliable and trusting dog boarding kennel or a dog boarding Toronto kennel. People can’t risk taking any chances with their pet while they are away not only because they are in deeply in love...

Why Natural Foods are Better for Health of Dogs?

Posted on: 29 January, 2016

Author: Catherine Walsh

Dog is an important member of the family. The pet needs to be loved, cared, and deliver better health to increase quality of life. Health of the dogs need to be maintained by owners with special lifes... Dog is an important member of the family. The pet needs to be loved, cared, and deliver better health to increase quality of life. Health of the dogs need to be maintained by owners with special lifestyle changes and delivering good quality foods. High quality foods need to be fed to dogs that is helpful in delivering good health, quality life and better...

Cat Jumping And Climbing Behavior

Posted on: 25 January, 2016

Author: Caryn Wayman

Have you ever truly just sat and watched a cat? I am a cat-lover and have always had at least two kitties living in my home. I now live with five cats and two dogs. The dogs are another story! I have observed cat behavior up close and personal for the past 40 years. Their movements can be described as flexible, agile, and precise. They are amazing to watch. Miniature versions of the Big Cats! It is true that the domesticated cat does not need to hunt in order to survive. Good, nutritious meals are regularly provided by their "pet...