Posted on: 12 November, 2010

Author: vandexter rutledge

While conducting the bulldog puppy training, one may feel that it is comparatively hard to train this breed. It is due to the innate stubborn nature of bulldogs. If you want to succeed while training a puppy, the very first thing to do is to establish yourself as an alpha leader. Keep on reading for some more great tips on this topic. Bulldog is among one of the most loyal and lovable pets in the world. Their breed is elite and one of the oldest purebred strains of dogs. Ever since the fifteenth century, bulldogs are a symbol of courage and adventurous pets. Originally originated from England, it is also known as British Bulldog. When it comes to bulldog puppy training is somehow difficult as compared to training of other breeds. How to choose a bulldog puppy? There are certain points that should be kept in mind while choosing a bulldog puppy. It is so because bulldogs are much more prone to health problems, are aggressive and have high mortality rate. Ideally, it should be at least 8 weeks of age so as to properly undergo bulldog puppy training. Choose a healthy and friendly puppy as this will help you avoid any odd situations further. Make sure that you confirm about the health of the puppy from the vet, especially nose and ears. Bulldog puppy training One should not start training a puppy unless it does not become at least 8 to 10 weeks of age. Once it attains this age, you can socialize him with other dogs and start bulldog puppy training session. Basic house training can be used to train your dog. If you feel that your puppy is too stubborn, start with crate training. It will avoid the problem of house breaking, but your need to do this on a continuous basis. Young bulldog puppies may take long to adapt to their crate but once they will get used to the housebreaking process, they will not violate the home ever after. The beginning of bulldog puppy training session should position you as the alpha leader of the pack so that it comes to know about your position. Lay down some basic rules while training a puppy such as not allowing him to sleep in your bed, jump over the couch, and bite cushions and other things in the home. This type of basic training can be extended as long as your puppy does not learn it all. The second phase of bulldog puppy training is the obedience training and extends from 3 to 6 months. It includes training a puppy on some basic commands like sitting, lying down, waiting when told, coming when called and not pulling the leash. As bulldog is stubborn by nature, he might be reluctant for all this initially, but adapts these habits very easily. One may feel bulldog puppy training really hard as this breed is extremely curious and adventurous by nature. But you need to make him follow the commands for his own safety. You must teach him not to chase cars, pull the leash, unnecessarily bark on other dogs & children and most importantly, not run too far from you in crowd. Bulldog puppies may be hard to train but once you succeed in this, you will find them as the most obedient and loyal friends on earth. Article Tags: Bulldog Puppy Training, Bulldog Puppy, Puppy Training Source: Free Articles from