Posted on: 04 April, 2016

Author: Rajeev Sahadevan

Established in 1979, Wysong Corporation is developing and producing several varieties of pet foods and pet supplements. Its internal team of pet doctorate professionals are involved in formulation all its products. In addition, unlike other pet food companies, Wysong produces all its products in their own manufacturing facilities.   Wysong offer a number of dog food products categorized under raw dog food, dry dog food, canned dog food and dog supplements. Its canned dog diets are designed to offer variety and augment all other Wysong healthy canine food diets. Here, the details of Epigen Canned Diets are discussed. Its features, varieties and ingredients details are part of this article.   Epigen Canned Diets was formerly known as Wysong’s Au Jus™. It includes many features such as: Credit: Epigen Canned Diets is offered to you in six different varieties – Beef, Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, Salmon and Turkey. All these options are either sold in can or case forms. The can size is 13 oz. and one case is of 12 x 13 oz. cans. Prices of each pack vary from one another. For price details you can click on the link: Epigen Canned Diets is offered in different varieties and so their ingredient also differs. The ingredient details of each variety are mentioned below: The minimum Crude Protein content is 10% and Crude Fat is 8% and the maximum Crude Fiber content is 1.5% and Moisture is 75%. Provide you pet with any of the above mentioned Epigen canned diets to see how healthy your pet looks now. Source: Free Articles from Find Natural remedies to cure Blood sugar gold for Dogs diabetes , Adrenal Harmony gold for Cushings disease in dogs and the Natural Kidney support Gold For Kidney problems in Dogs by Rajeev